Case Study: Call Centre Analysis and Coaching/Training Program Development


A credit card customer retention center for a leading U.S. financial institution wanted to improve customer retention and take steps to regain ‘lost’ customers. Management also wanted to increase the quality of service that customers received when enquiring about their credit card services and monthly statements. New employee training was minimal and coaching was disciplinary in nature. Staff turnover was high (over 50%) and employee morale was very low.


Limestone Learning’s managing partners collaborated with the management team to conduct a thorough needs analysis, which allowed us to identify employee strengths and areas for improvement and also explore the reasons for high turnover and low morale. From the analysis results, it was determined that a multi-faceted approach would best engage employees and provide them with the tools they need to serve customers and feel empowered in their roles:

  • A skills-based sales course was customized and provided to all retention center employees, supervisors and managers. 
  • An interactive customized coaching course was designed and provided to supervisors and managers in the retention center. 
  • Coaching and quality call standards were created, implemented and used to monitor improvement of sales and customer service skills. 
  • Supervisors used their new coaching skills to support and encourage their team for continued improvement.


In order to measure results, statistics, feedback and outcomes for customer retention, sales/customer service and coaching prior to training were compared to the same factors after training. In the six month period after the training program was fully implemented, the retention center recovered an additional $15.1 million in win-back account revenue. Employee morale improved significantly and turnover decreased. Clear expectations and consistent coaching rewarded personal and team effort and improvement, creating a positive, supportive environment for the entire team.

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