For our custom course and training program design and production service, the Limestone Learning team works with you to create a learning program or training course from start to finish. As a standard we follow the ADDIE model of development (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate) unless the project is best suited to another model, or you have a particular preference. We integrate proven learning methodologies as well as innovative approaches to ensure the project meets the needs of different types of learners and the subject matter itself.

Our training uses a variety of adult learning techniques, including scenarios, simulations, case studies, behaviour modeling, application exercises, group discussion and skill building.We also suggest the incorporation of more informal learning opportunities like wikis, blogs, forums and podcasts, where appropriate. Overall, the emphasis is on application rather than theory, enabling learners to grasp new competencies and giving them the tools to apply these competencies back in the workplace.


Also known as Computer-Based Training (CBT) or Web-Based Training (WBT) 
E-Learning can be an excellent value for organizations looking to train a diverse workforce efficiently and effectively. Our team can help you create the interactive e-learning course that fits your subject matter, audience and budget, from simple but engaging modules to those that include multimedia elements such as audio, video, simulation and animation. We can also help you convert your existing training to an e-learning format. We have extensive experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). We can develop a SCORM- or AICC-compliant training course to fit within your existing system, or support you as you make a first venture into learning management software.

Face-to-face Training 

Also known as Instructor-Led Training (ILT) or Classroom Training 
Training events led by an instructor or facilitator are useful for addressing a group of learners with similar needs in a timely fashion. Limestone Learning can help support your organization’s face-to-face training with event concepts and set up, as well as support materials like student and instructor guides, learning games, trainer notes, quizzes, job aids and multimedia presentations. We’re also experienced in the creation of mentoring and coaching programs for smaller groups and one-on-one learning.

Mobile Learning

These days, organizations often need to get learning out to employees not tied to the traditional office environment. More and more organizations are leveraging the smartphones their employees are already using to provide them with just-in-time training through a mobile learning platform. These bite-sized training modules can be tracked for completion and compliance purposes. Limestone Learning can support you as you implement mobile learning at your organization and help you to create mobile training content that gets the message out to your team wherever they are.

Self-Paced Learning

Sometimes circumstances dictate that an adult learner must work through a paper-based training program or course while alone. We can help you create a program that is a compelling alternative to the dry, boring manuals that are unfortunately common today. Limestone Learning is adept in creating engaging manuals, guides, job aids and support documentation to help learners progress on their own.

Blended Learning Solutions

The best results to reach a wide audience—both in geographic location and learning style—often come from a blended learning approach. Learners may attend a training session, and then return to the workplace with self-study materials. Or, they could learn basic information from an e-learning module, and then follow up with a focused workshop. Limestone Learning can work with you to create the blended learning solution that best fits your audience and your budget.