Training should have a purpose - to inform, to teach, to improve and to change. But how can you be sure this purpose is being fulfilled? Training evaluation identifies what learning has occurred during and after learning and whether job performance improvements have been realized. Measuring improvements in job performance also provides valuable information for measuring cost-benefits to the organization and answers the question “What positive impact is training having on strategic business goals?”

Limestone Learning has had many years of experience designing tools and strategies for all levels of learning evaluation. We hold Kirkpatrick Certification for learning evaluation, which follows Kirkpatrick's four evaluation levels: Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results. Kirkpatrick's philosophy is the most widely used and respected model for training evaluation and measurement of business value. We also help organizations establish level 5 evaluation for Return on Investment (ROI), an additional step to training evaluation developed by respected author and founder of the ROI Institute, Dr. Jack Phillips. Holding Kirkpartrick Certification means we're more prepared than ever to help our clients ensure their training endeavours are changing behaviours, getting results and meeting business goals.

We recognize the value that training evaluation can have to an organization. We also understand the many challenges that can be associated with measuring learning. Providing evaluation processes, strategies and tools that work for your organization is what we do best. We can show you how even simple changes can help you more effectively evaluate - for example, is your Level 1 end-of-course “smile sheet” going beyond the basic questions to capture data that will help your organization measure evaluation levels 2, 3 and 4?

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