The Instant Sales Skills Mobile Library helps your sales professionals brush up on sales skills wherever they are and whenever they want. Your salespeople can review techniques before heading into a client meeting, or make use of their downtime to explore new topics. With the Instant Sales Skills Mobile Library, the sales answers your sales pros need are at their fingertips!

The Instant Sales Skills Mobile Library is organized into four categories. See below for individual module descriptions within each category. 

Building Relationships

  • Making valuable connectionsHanding out business cards as your key networking strategy simply isn’t enough anymore. To be successful in sales you need to be continually looking for new and different ways to make connections. In this module, you will learn tips and strategies on how to expand your networking opportunities and how to develop and keep valuable connections.

  • Getting to decision makers - Getting to the real decision maker in an organization can be a huge challenge and a potential lost sale if you’re unsuccessful. In this module, you’ll learn effective strategies on how to find the decision makers, get past gate-keepers and ask the right questions.

  • Building relationships in tough situationsFrom time to time you run across customers or situations that are difficult for one reason or another. In this module you will learn skills to help you break through the barriers in a tough situation and build a strong relationship with a challenging client.

  • Essential communication tipsCommunication is the heart and soul of selling – if done poorly it can make or break a sale or even a customer relationship.. In this module you will learn essential tips and common communication pitfalls to avoid to help you communicate more effectively with your customers – whether by telephone, email or social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

  • Listening skills for sales successListening is one of the most important sales tools you have. Active listening will improve your productivity, as well as your ability to influence, persuade and better understand your customer’s business challenges. In this module, you will learn tips and techniques to help you listen more actively and communicate more effectively

Presenting your Product

  • Identifying needs and opportunitiesFinding the reason for the customer to buy and creating opportunities to fill that need is essential to a successful sale. In this module you will learn tips on how to probe, and listen for and identify opportunities that fit your customer’s need.

  • Positioning into buyers' motivesThe same approach doesn’t work for every customer. You need to customize the way you present your product so it will address the opportunities you’ve uncovered and the motives for buying that the customer in front of you has. In this module you’ll learn techniques to link opportunities to feature and benefits and address the individual needs of each customer.
  • Projecting confidence and credibilityYour attitude toward your product or service has a big effect on how your customer perceives it. In this module you’ll learn tips to help you present your product or service in a way that increases your customer’s confidence and build credibility in it.
  • Delivering winning sales presentationsAre your sales presentations interesting, persuasive and memorable? In this module, you’ll learn how to present your product or service in ways that lead to success.
  • Adding valueFrom the customer’s perspective, the sale goes beyond your product or service to the entire interaction with you and your company. In this module, you’ll get tips for increasing your customer’s interest by adding value to their experience.

Making the Sale

  • 7 strategies for getting commitmentGetting commitment, or closing the sale, often seems like the most challenging part of the sales cycle. In this module, you’ll learn 7 strategies that will help you get your customer to say yes.

  • Negotiating to winNegotiations where you stay in control can mean the difference between healthy margins and just squeaking by. This module will help you negotiate from a position of strength while keeping the respect of your customer.
  • Cross/up sellingIt’s a proven fact that it’s easier and more profitable to sell more to the customer in front of you than to find another customer to sell to. In this module, we’ll look at some ways you can sell a higher-priced product or service or additional items to your customer in an effective way.
  • Overcoming objections - Objections are tough to hear when you’re trying to close, but being prepared for them can make the difference and get you the sale. This module will help you turn objections into opportunities to demonstrate value to your customer.
  • Post-sale successThe sale doesn’t end when the contract is signed.  In reality, this is just the beginning of the relationship - the opportunity to create loyalty and commitment in your client for the long term is ready and waiting. In this module you’ll learn tips to turn your sale into a life-long customer.

Working Smart

  • Tips for managing stressWe have a tendency to either ignore or neglect to manage stress at work – it’s all part of the job. But research has proven that ignoring stress at work reduces productively and impacts work performance, memory, concentration and physical health. In this module, you will learn how to recognize the signs of stress and put stress management techniques into practice.

  • Tips for self-motivationMobile salespeople often find themselves largely responsible for their performance, needing to make connections and meet quotas without a lot of support from a team. In this module you’ll find tips to help keep yourself motivated when times are tough and when you’re gaining ground.
  • Tips for successful meetingsMeetings are vital to your business. How often have you sat through a meeting that started late, was disorganized, ran on and on and left you feeling unproductive and frustrated? In this module, you will learn how to how to plan, prepare for and facilitate successful meetings.
  • Tips for effective time managementTime is our most valuable resource, yet it’s also the most neglected. Missing goals, working without feeling like you’re getting ahead, too many tasks and too little time to accomplish them, missing deadlines and increased stress and anxiety can all be helped with effective time management. In this module, you will learn practical tips and techniques on how to take control, prioritize, meet goals and deadlines and become more productive.
  • Tips for problem solvingToo often when faced with a problem you can find yourself taking the easy way out, or following the same path you’ve followed before. But we often have more options than we realize. In this module you’ll learn techniques to help you approach problems and find the best solutions in new ways.

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