Case Study: Interactive e-Learning Solution for Retail Sales


A major retail electronics chain had been providing product knowledge and training on new digital audio technologies to managers and top staff through a face-to-face format, which was becoming cost prohibitive and didn’t reach all sales staff. In addition, stores were facing higher than normal returns of digital audio devices.


After working with the client to determine the rise in product returns was in a large part due to lack of education about the products for customers and sales teams, Limestone Learning Solutions’ managing partners worked with them to create an interactive e-learning course to give sales staff the information they needed to understand the products as well as share that information with customers. The course also incorporated interactive scenarios to help sales staff learn what questions to ask in order to put the right device in their customer’s hands. The course itself was presented in an interface specifically designed to be engaging for the sales staff.


Within a tight timeline the course was distributed to and taken by the majority of sales staff in retail locations prior to the November–December sales rush for the year. When results were compiled in the spring, product returns had decreased and customer satisfaction had improved. In addition, the course won a prestigious Brandon Hall Excellence in eLearning silver medal. 

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