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How to Reduce Disengagement with Gamification


Gamification makes learners think and engage, and that gives your programs more impact. It’s effective at driving learner engagement, reinforcing key concepts and building opportunities for learners to succeed in their overall learning experience.

Co-hosted by one of our Managing Partners, Paula Yunker—who has over 35 years of instructional design experience—and Cora Lam of Lambda Solutions, this webinar will explore what gamification is and how gamification can be used to create more meaningful, engaging and interactive elearning experiences.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • Why gamify your eLearning?

  • 10 gamification best practices

  • Six ways to incorporate elements of gamification regardless of your budget

  • Great examples of gamification in eLearning

  • Gamification resources to get you started

PDF: Learning gamification resources list

Archived webinar:

Webinar slides: