Free February webinars

Our apologies for getting this blog post up a little late. Check out a number of interesting free T&D webinars being offered this month. We hope they will inspire and motivate you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Contextual Learning - Cheapest, Fastest and Easiest Way to Deliver Learning

Join Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., Chief Learning Architect of Vignettes for Training, Inc., in this session to learn the key principles and practical examples of contextual learning. Most learning approaches are top to bottom, mandated and driven by leaders, trainers and learning specialists. This is an old production and content oriented model where the training departments must produce content for learners to consume. In today's economy, this is costly, slow and often times late. In work conditions where change is rapid and learners are adept in the use of technologies (mobile and collaborative tools), trends show that contextual learning is a faster, cheaper and easiest way to deliver learning. Contextual learning principles and methods suggest that learner's learn best by referring to their own context, first and foremost. What matters is the learners' view of the content, competencies and skills to acquire as they see fit on the job.

Tuesday, 07 February 2012, 210AM - 11AM PST

Selecting a Learning Management System

Amid the adoption of informal and social learning strategies, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) continue to play a growing role in employee training initiatives. These systems provide learners with access to content and provide managers with the ability to track a wide variety of information. In industries that require certifying or monitoring training, no better way exists to ensure that individuals are qualified to do their work than by measuring their skills and knowledge using a Learning Management System. How do you pick the right LMS for your organization? Join Scot Lake, Sr. Analyst, Brandon Hall Group as he describes a key practices and a disciplined methodology for selecting the right LMS for your unique organization.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 11AM – 12PM PST (ASTD members only)

Serious Play: Blurring the Line between Work and Games

In a sequel to Intrepid Learning’s popular webinar Make Learning Stick: How Games Help Improve Performance, Jason Gorfine, resident customer experience and user interface expert, will take a deep dive into the eight principles of HOW games help us learn. Join Jason for an examination of how “gamifying” a concept can turn obligatory, less-that-exciting tasks from mind-numbing to manageable (and maybe even fun).  Jason will cover a brief history of humanity’s affinity for games, give an overview of the importance of gaming, and a take a tour through of the eight principles of learning (with corresponding real-world examples).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Monetizing your LMS: Turning your LMS into a Profit Center

Most organizations tend to start shopping for a learning platform because they have internal learning and development needs. But with a vision, a plan, and the right technology, it’s possible to reach beyond internal learning communities and transform learning platforms into profit centers. Join Rachel Ashkin, Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Hall Group and Nancy Rickles, Director of Training, Super Enterprises as they present a case study on how Super Enterprises brought valuable learning content to their extended enterprise to create an often overlooked revenue stream.

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Beyond Check-the-Box Professional Education: Associations that Push the Edge of Learning Delivery and Elevate Industries Served

Associations, membership functions, unions, even corporations are being asked to help elevate their individual industries by providing extended professional education to their industry communities. In today’s market were the gap between skilled and unskilled labor can mean the difference in survival for both employees and organizations alike, we are seeing a growing demand for professional education and development. Those who provide these services, such as Associations, want to better understand how to support their communities, industries, and members – while obtaining greater value from their investments in increased memberships and revenue opportunities.  

Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Christina Turner, VP Client Success & Implementations, Digital Ignite, as they share recent survey data and key practices in increasing the value and effectiveness of Professional Education Programs. They discuss four key practices in improving professional education programs including: Creating a continuum of learning activities, pragmatic social learning, creating membership pipelines, and integration of access and communication points. They’ll share real world examples from associations that have increased member value, revenues, and industry impact – while continuing to elevate the goals of their communities and associations.

Thursday, February 16, 2012, 9AM – 10AM PST (ASTD members only)

Critical Competencies for Today's Leadership

Successful leadership involves managing one’s self and relationships with others to move toward a specific business goal. The role of a leader is to grow others: help people grow their skills, knowledge and their confidence to develop leadership themselves in a real, practical context. The real world has other plans, however. Business goals are fluid, people are stressed, and one way technological messages continue to invade every moment of our lives. One thing remains the same – leadership is all about people. How can you clear a little chaos and build a high performing team? Join Lou Russell from Taleo to consider a new approach to leadership as we are all faced with predictable, constant chaos.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Let’s Get Mobile: Changing your Concept of Mobile Content Design and Delivery

We know that by 2015 over 7.1 billion mobile connected devises are predicted to be in service around the globe, and they estimate over 287 million tablets will ship annually. With the launch of Kindle, Fire at $199 – Tablets are now feasible replacements for printing costs. We are at the tipping point, and mobile delivery is here to stay. Many organizations have dabbled with mobile learning, but they haven’t figured out how to take it to an enterprise level. The feedback has been less than positive on simply turning e-learning courses into mobile courses and end-users are requiring that learning organizations speed up the process of delivering better, faster, more relevant mobile content that meets the needs of their on-the-go lifestyle.  

You know that you shouldn’t be asking “if” you need mobile learning, but rather “how” do I best invest resources in mobile learning? Because mobile learning changes all the rules and your learning customers have high expectations. Mobile is a consumer driven market, and learners are not just critical of your approach but vocal if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Join Stacey Harris, VP of Research for Brandon Hall Group, and Mark Hellinger, CEO of Xyleme, as they share recent findings from the Relationship Centered learning market and best practices in expanding your mobile learning efforts. If you’ve been planning on going mobile or have already taken your first steps, this webinar will change your view of the options.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Blended Learning: Critical Design Decisions 

What does blended learning mean in today’s learning landscape, and how is it being used?  What guidance or tools are available to help you select the right delivery methods and the most appropriate instructional strategies? Join Sally Hovis, Vice President, Learning Design, SkillSoft, to learn some key points to consider when developing blended learning programs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012, 11AM – 12PM (ASTD members only)

LMS Selection and Implementation

Too often, vendor selection decisions are made in a vacuum. Without consulting others in your organization, utilizing research, and tying the decision to organizational objectives, you risk having the project rejected, a costly and drawn out implementation or under-utilization of the system. Michael Baker and Stacy Lindenberg from First Citizen's Bank address the entire selection process, and shares best practices along the way. In addition, you will receive templates to use in your own organizations to support the process. You can plan ahead and avoid pitfalls associated with vendor selection and learn the step-by-step process of vendor selection, creating buy-in, presenting to executive level stakeholders, implementation and continuous marketing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 10AM – 11AM PST

Evaluation Basics: Four Challenges that can Make or Break Survey Research

Surveys and questionnaires are common instruments used to collect data of all types. Whether evaluating a training program or assessing organizational climate, self-administered surveys are a tool with which we must contend. Join Patti Phillips, Ph.D., President & CEO, ROI Institute, as she presents the four basic, but critical, challenges that can make or break a successful survey project.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 11AM – 12PM PST (ASTD members only)

 Transforming Learning at Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Chief Learning Officer Kimo Kippen will lead this informative session about how a 93-year-old company reinvented itself and transformed learning. During this session, Kimo will share how the company recognized the need to relaunch its learning and describe the strategic approach behind what would be the immediate areas of focus.