Learning & Development Conferences for 2016

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If you’ve been following our blog, you know the crew at Limestone Learning are big believers in continually educating ourselves. After all, our job is to help our clients educate their employees, and the best way to do that is to stay current on the latest developments in learning and development.

Reading articles, books, white papers, research articles, and blog posts, following industry tweets, and attending webinars and online certification courses are great ways to access educational material—and we continue to pursue these. But it’s also worth looking at larger events. They give us the opportunity to meet industry experts in person and learn firsthand about the latest research and topics that particularly interest us. They also give us the opportunity to meet lots of other like-minded learning professionals.

We all have busy lives and it takes time to find what’s out there and locate the conference that’s the right fit for our needs and interests. So with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of links to a number of popular L&D conferences that are being offered in 2016. Maybe we'll see you at one of them!

February 3–4, 2016
Learning Technologies, Olympia, London (UK)
A great opportunity to listen to—and interact with—some of the leading thinkers, visionaries, and practitioners in workplace learning today. 

February 14–17, 2016
ITC eLearning 2016, Scottsdale, Arizona
Exchange your great ideas with colleagues from across the country and around the world. Be a part of one of the friendliest and most comprehensive annual distance learning conferences for eLearning practitioners.

February 15–17, 2016
Training 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida
Training Magazine's conference for learning professionals.

March 7–8, 2016
ATD’s Telling Ain’t Training, Atlanta, Georgia
Based on the award-winning book of the same name, ATD’s Telling Ain’t Training event offers an exceptional approach to transforming ineffective “telling” into training that results in long-term retention and improved performance on the job. This event delivers interactive, practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve your training programs. You’ll come away with principles and tools that are backed by research and real-world experience.

March 16–18, 2016
Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo, Orlando, Florida
Each spring, the entire eLearning community gathers at Learning Solutions 2016 to learn about new technologies that are enhancing training and performance, discover exciting new ways to design and deliver content, and connect with peers and industry experts who share proven strategies, practices, and solutions that are working today. Includes the co-located Learning & Performance Ecosystem 2016 Conference. 

March 16–18, 2016
Learning & Performance Ecosystem 2016 Conference, Orlando, Florida
Designed for learning and performance support professionals who are interested in exploring how individual and organizational learning and performance can be enhanced by looking beyond just training, and by supporting people with a broad range of content, processes, tools, and technologies. Included with the co-located Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo. 

March 22, 2016
2016 eLearning Edmonton Expo, Edmonton, Alberta
Join peers and friends as we walk through some of the latest technology solutions and learn new ways to create online training.

April 10–12, 2016
ISPI, The Performance Improvement Conference 2016, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Learn valuable strategies for creating meaningful improvement throughout your organization.  

May 22–25, 2016
ATD 2016 International Conference & Expo, Denver, Colorado
As a talent development professional, it’s your job to make sure the workforce is trained and ready to take on all the demands of today’s tough business environment. ATD 2016 will bring the talent development industry to life. You will have access to more industry resources than at any other event. Take a break from your daily routine and focus on your professional development.  

June 8–10, 2016
mLearnCon 2016 Conference & Expo, Austin, Texas
Focuses on applying mobile technologies in the context of learning and support, the strategies for integrating these technologies into the training mix, and the best practices for designing, developing, and delivering mobile content. Co-located with the Performance Support Symposium.

June 8–10, 2016
Performance Support Symposium, Austin, Texas
The only conference dedicated to the topic of performance support and the goal of delivering small amounts of information directly into workflows when and where it is needed to enhance on-the-job performance. Offers you a unique opportunity to meet experienced peers and industry experts who will share case studies and proven strategies, practices, and technologies being used to deliver 21st-century performance support. Co-located with mLearnCon 2016.

June 21–23, 2016
Learning DevCamp 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah
Dedicated to collaborating with both corporate and public educators on creating online learning programs and/or content with the understanding that today’s instructional design and development revolves around instructor-led, online, and mobile platforms. 

October 2016 (dates not announced yet)
North American Simulation and Gaming Association NASAGA conference, Bloomington, Indiana
NASAGA is one of the longest running gaming conferences in the world. It’s the perfect blend of gaming experience including new gamification techniques,  real world games and simulations blended with new digital tools.

November 16–18, 2016
DevLearn 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada
North America’s leading event focused on learning technologies. Explore the changing world of learning technologies with the leading community of industry pioneers, and witness innovation in the making!

November, 2016 (dates not announced yet)
The Institute for Performance and Learning, Toronto, Ontario
Canada’s annual conference and trade show for performance and learning.

And if you know of a valuable event happening in 2016, drop us a line and we’ll add it to the list!