Edtech infographics to the rescue

A while back we talked about 'reader’s guilt'—that feeling eLearning professionals often express when confronted with the sheer volume of reading material on industry trends and business developments. Who has time to read it all? Moreover, who has time to get clients to read it all?

Educational Technology Infographics to the rescue!

If you haven’t stumbled across EdTech before, it’s worth Googling. EdTech is the most comprehensive source of infographics for learning professionals. The variety of categories (e-learning, MOOCs, gamification, social learning, and more), the easy searchability, and the visual appeal of EdTech’s infographics make them a breeze to find.

Got a concept you want to explain at a team boot camp? You’ll find just the thing.

Need to convey the value proposition of a learning solution to a client who doesn’t have time to read? That’s there too.

Whatever it is you want to say visually, chances are you’ll find the right infographic on the EdTech website.

Infographics can be a huge shortcut when it comes to conveying information. They make it digestible, appealing, and humorous. And it’s great to know these resources exist, ready-made. After all, who has the time to build new infographics? It’s hard enough to get our reading done!

Have you used EdTech’s infographics before with your team or with clients? If you know of any other great resources, let us know—we’ll share them!