Free ebooks to super-charge your organization

It’s a great time to be an eLearning practitioner. Never have there been so many readily available resources—whether it be design instruction, advice on authoring or hosting online training, or evaluating the outputs and impacts of your instruction. The greatest thing about it is the folks who are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge.

Some great example this month are the two free ebooks:

The Online Training Provider Playbook by Elucidat’s Steve Penfold is designed to help you create and sell more courses by differentiating your training from the competition, targeting and attracting modern customers who want to buy your product, and delivering the training in the most effective way. It includes three pricing strategies and can help you determine which is best for your business. Penfold has neatly categorized the book into five sections and included examples to help you implement these ideas.

Preparing Front-Line Managers to Succeed in Today’s Fast-Paced, Dynamic Workplace, produced by Kineo, tackles the “learning-doing gap” that organizations commonly experience with front-line management. The book explores how employees are often promoted into management positions based on past performance, with little attention paid to their ability to manage. Even better, it proposes actions you can take to close the gap between learning and doing, and increase employee performance, engagement, and retention in the process. It’s an excellent resource for talent management professionals or for any business expanding its management force.

Check them out! And let us know if you come across a must-have learning resource!