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This article originally appeared in a recent edition of The Institute for Performance and Learning (Vancouver & BC Mainland Chapter) email newsletter under the title “Learning Nugget #4: Professional Development Resources.” It has been lightly edited and reformatted for this blog.

Although we’re in the business of creating and providing learning opportunities for our clients, many of us forget about our own ongoing self-development and learning. Granted, we’re all busy with looming deadlines, multiple projects and countless day-to-day tasks but we get so focused on these activities that we sometimes forget to lift our heads up and focus on the bigger picture. How can we provide relevant and current learning solutions to our clients if we’re not updating our own knowledge and skill?

Educating ourselves is a priority in our profession and we need to constantly work on doing just that. We can read books and research reports, contribute to on-line discussions, complete certification training and many other activities to keep up with what’s going on in the industry. Doing a Google search uncovers an incredible amount of informative and thought-provoking learning and development (L&D) information. Books, research and best practice articles, industry discussions and debates on blogs, LinkedIn groups and Twitter feeds as well as meet up groups, conferences, online webinars and podcasts are available, and many are free!

Check out some of the following resources available for your professional development:

Online resources and books

Training courses

If you interested in investing some money into your professional development here are some suggestions to get you started:

Industry certification

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