Our favorite T&D/HR best practice and industry research sites

Companies are looking more closely at the bottom line than they ever did in the past.  In today’s economy, it’s vital that a company proactively looks at ways to continually improve their business. In a 2010 Bersin & Associates High-Impact Learning Culture report, findings show that “…there is a direct positive correlation between a strong culture of learning and business performance improvement; cultivating a strong value of learning is essential to business success. HR and L&D need to win over leadership and management, because it is these groups that will affect the most change. They can train, facilitate and encourage leadership and management, but cannot fully own the quality of an organization’s learning culture”. Best practice companies recognize the importance of continuously developing and training their employees to acquire the key competencies needed to be competitive and flexible in business.

So how does your learning organization measure up to best practice organizations?  Not sure?  We get a lot of requests from clients and colleagues about where to find best practice and industry research reports and I’d like to share our favourite sites with you.  Be aware that while some articles are free for the taking, other articles have fees attached. But with some diligent research and patience, you should find plenty of information to get you started.

Our favourite sites for best practice research:

  • ww.brandon-hall.com(Brandon Hall Group)        
  • www.astd.org (American Society for Training and Development        
  • www.aberdeen.com (Aberdeen Group)        
  • www.bersin.com (Bersin & Associates)        
  • www.conferenceboard.ca (Conference Board of Canada)        
  • www.trainingmag.com (Training Magazine Online)        
  • hbr.org (Harvard Business Review)       
  • www.i4cp.com (Institute for Corporate Productivity)   

If you have favourite sites for best practice and industry research that I haven’t listed here, please pass them along.