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Measuring the Impact of eLearning


Whether it’s to inform, to improve, to change—or a combination of these factors, training must have measureable outcomes that contribute to larger organizational goals. Good training evaluation techniques identify and measure the impact of learning on job performance and ultimately, organization-wide business results. When it comes to measuring elearning, Donald Kirkpatrick’s Four Level of Evaluation model is one of the most widely used and respected worldwide.

Co-hosted by Paula Yunker—who is a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional with 30+ years of instructional design experience—and Sean Hougan of Lambda Solutions, this webinar will explore why learning evaluation is an important component of any training program and how you can measure the application of learning beyond the learning event itself. We’ll discuss how to implement learning evaluation that’s practical and provides value but isn’t complicated, time consuming or expensive. Paula will also share her favorite learning evaluation resources after the webinar!

Watch the Webinar to learn more about:

  • Why learning evaluation is critical for business results

  • Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation explained

  • Aligning learning to organizational goals

  • Typical challenges implementing evaluation in an organization

  • Practical strategies for implementing learning evaluation

  • Our favorite learning evaluation resources

Archived webinar:

Webinar slides: