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Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Online Learning & Training Programs


The ability to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s training and development programs is critical to ensure your learning strategy is aligned to your desired business outcomes. However, having a system in place to accurately measure the impact of your learning programs can often be a complex challenge — One that organizations struggle with the most.

View this webinar—co-hosted by Paula Yunker, with 30+ years of Instructional Design experience, and Nimritta Parmar of Lambda Solutions—to discover how to enhance employee performance and prove the value of your learning investments, by implementing simple and effective strategies for measuring the impact of your online training programs.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Common issues and challenges with measuring learning outcomes

  • How to align learning outcomes to business objectives

  • Best practices for evaluating the effectiveness of your training programs

  • How to analyze and interpret learning data to understand the impact of individual learning, and performance

  • How to leverage these insights to improve training programs, and enable the organization to make better informed decisions about learning

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