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How to Create Engaging and Effective eLearning


Creating online courses is one thing, creating courses that are both effective and engaging is another. With all the effort that goes into course development, why wouldn’t you ensure that the learning material is being well-received, and is effective? Effective and engaging elearning courses are ones that deliver meaningful material, enhance learner interest and increase learner retention.

This webinar is hosted by one of our Managing Partners, Paula Yunker—who has over 35 years of instructional design experience, and is a Kirkpatrick Certified Professional – Bronze level—and Cora Lam of Lambda Solutions.

Paula will explain why learning engagement is so important to learner attention and retention, and provide practical tips and examples on how to create engaging and effective eLearning courses. She’ll also share her favourite engaging eLearning resources!

Watch the webinar to learn about the following:

  • Why learning engagement is important

  • 6 steps to creating effective & engaging eLearning

  • Adding engaging elements

  • Getting the most from your eLearning course

  • Where to find engaging eLearning resources

PDF: Limestone Learning’s favourite elearning resources

Archived webinar:

Webinar slides: