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10 Trends That Will Bring Your L&D Into 2019


Training professionals always keep an eye on learning and development trends. Tools like microlearning and artificial intelligence have become big buzzwords, and the possible L&D toolbox keeps expanding! How do you know which tools are a flash in the pan and which ones are here to stay?

Join Paula Yunker, with 35+ years of instructional design experience (along with Lambda Solutions) as she takes you through her roundup of key L&D trends for 2019. Some, like mobile learning, might be familiar. Some may be in your current toolbox and working well for you. Others, like mixed reality, might be new—come see what they’re all about.

Join us to learn about:

  • L&D trends that are standing the test of time

  • L&D trends that have the most bang for your buck

  • The trends that are disrupting the L&D industry

Find out what's up and coming for 2019!

PDF: Limestone Learning’s L&D Trends for 2019

Archived webinar:

Webinar slide deck: