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Creating effective learning videos in 7 easy steps


According to research, employees are more than 75% more likely to watch a video than read text-based content. That’s just one reason why video has become an integral part of the L&D toolkit.

No doubt you’re familiar with the case for using video—but what type of video should you use? And why? The type of video you incorporate into your training materials will depend on a range of factors—your subject matter, your audience, your budget and more. A talking-head video might be ideal for one learning scenario, an interactive video for another. Simulation, animation, demonstration—the options have expanded!

If the choices seem overwhelming, they don’t have to be. Limestone’s Paula Yunker, with 35+ years of instructional design experience, will:

  • Take you through the array of possibilities for learning videos with examples of each.

  • Share tricks to make learning video relevant and engaging so it pays off for learners.

  • Walk you through best practices that leading L&D practitioners use to deploy learning video.

  • Share her seven steps for creating an effective learning video.

PDF: Limestone Learning’s Learning Video Resources

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