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2019 MALAT Virtual Symposium: Developing Connections With Our Clients and Our Learning Communities


In April Limestone was invited to present at an annual online conference (virtual symposium) for Royal Roads University (RRU) for adult learners starting the Diploma and Master of Learning and Technology (LRNT) programs. The symposium began in 2017 and is designed as the opening event for the first LRNT course. It also forms part of the first assignment, where learners write a paper connecting ideas from the online presentations to readings.

Learners are from various instructional contexts (e.g., higher education, K–12, corporate) and can participate online synchronously or asynchronously through recordings. The intent is to orient learners to the broad field of learning and technology through virtual presentations made by academics, learning professionals and current students in the program. Limestone was asked to bring a perspective on the learning consulting world to the symposium’s conversation around “openness, networked learning and the cultivation of a digital mindset.”

The Limestone presentation is a team facilitation between Limestone’s Paula Yunker and Nicolette Young, which brought together two perspectives:

  • Paula as a Managing Partner with over 35 years of experience in the field of learning

  • Nicolette as a contract instructional designer and a current RRU Master student in Learning and Technology

In developing our topic, “Developing Connections with Our Clients and Learning Communities,” we wanted to ensure that we shared relevant ideas that represented real-life applications of the course’s content—digital learning environments, communities and networks. Our goal was to link to a variety of concepts from students’ readings to benefit their learning.

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