So what does micro-learning look like? Check out some great examples.

In our March 2017 blog post we shared some information about one of the hottest new trends in learning and development—micro-learning. That post provided a brief overview of what micro-learning is and isn’t, plus links to some great resources if you want to learn more.

In a nutshell, micro-learning:

  • Is short, focused bursts of relevant, ready-to-use information.

  • Is typically between 30 seconds and four minutes in length.

  • Is context-rich, engaging and can delivered in a variety of different formats.

  • Focuses on one simple idea or specific learning goal or objective.

  • Is easily accessible and mobile-friendly.

  • Drives continuous learning through consistent reinforcement.

So what does great micro-learning look like, you ask? Check out these examples to find out:

Do you have other great micro-learning examples? Pass them along—we’d love to share them!