Performance Support …#3 of the top 5 articles of 2013

Rounding up our list of the top five Performance Support articles in 2013, here’s article #3

The Round-Up: #3

Survive and Thrive with Performance Support by Conrad Gottfredson & Bob Mosher, June 2013

This is a short but informative article published by the Training Industry Quarterly. It is written by Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher, another Bona Fide voice in performance support from Ontuitive. The article’s focus is on developing a performance support infrastructure that allows the organization to move, adapt, and flex in response to inevitable change.

The workforce are seen as “dynamic learners” that contribute to an organization’s agility. Developing and implementing a performance support infrastructure gives these dynamic learners instant access to what they need in order to perform competently. The main focus of the article is on integrating the infrastructure according to the workflow process in question and designing according to two principles, proximity and immediacy. Performance support is efficient when it is accessed within 2 clicks and 10 seconds.

Do you have a performance support infrastructure in place? What are its strengths?

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