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Microlearning - Why You Should Order the Nuggets!


More than ever, L&D professionals face an ever-expanding menu of tools and approaches to delivering training. And it all looks so delicious! But you can’t order (or serve up) everything on the menu—you’ll blow your budget. Best to choose menu items that deliver the best flavour for the best price. In other words, order the nuggets.

In the L&D world, nuggets mean microlearning—short bursts of just-in-time learning delivered when and where they’re needed. Designed to be memorable and easily digestible, microlearning fits into small timeframes and satisfies specific, immediate training needs.

Among L&D professionals, microlearning has become a go-to tool. But like any menu item, it has a time and place, no matter how delicious it is.

If you’re wondering when and where to use microlearning, join one of our managing directors, Paula Yunker, who’ll draw on her 35+ years of instructional design experience to answer the following questions:

  • What is microlearning? What isn’t microlearning?

  • What are the fundamentals of microlearning?

  • What are some effective examples of microlearning to get you started?

Paula will also share a microlearning resources handout, so be sure to register for this lively event, and don’t forget to submit a question.

PDF: Limestone Learning’s Microlearning Nuggets Webinar Resources

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