High-quality eLearning video doesn’t have to mean high-budget

Video is on its way to becoming the most popular eLearning format. Thanks to powerful new platforms and higher available bandwidth, learners can access slick-looking video-based courses that function beautifully regardless of what device they’re using.

So why aren’t you incorporating video into your instructional design?

Many instructors and designers are intimidated by video. They think that creating modern, professional video is complicated, time-consuming, and costs a fortune. But as you can read in Learning Solutions Magazine, that’s no longer the reality. By employing a few key tips and tricks, you can make compelling video that boosts your learning content without hurting your budget. Would you like to venture into video training? Or how about learning about overcoming the top 5 challenges of video training?

With the wealth of tools and techniques available online, it may be time to rethink the notion that incorporating video is too expensive. Check out the links, and see what you can do for less!